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Lakes Colors

This collection is Unblended Lakes.  They are Batch Certified.  Ready for your creations.

Lake Red Color

We have multiple lake colors available.  Red, Yellow, and Blue are some of our most popular.

Lake Pigment

A lake pigment is a type of pigment made by adding a metallic salt like potassium aluminum sulfate to an inert substance. The mixture is then filtered, washed, and pulverized to create the pigment. Unlike dyes which dissolve in water, lake pigments don't dissolve and instead create color through dispersion 

Lake Dyes

Lakes are pretty stable when it comes to color - they don't bleed or move around much. Dyes, on the other hand, have a tendency to bleed and can make your product look like a hot mess in no time.

Imagine a red and white soap, but then it turns all pink because the dyes used to color it start to mix together. Not cool.

The same goes for products with specific color borders or stripes, like swirled lip balms or candy canes. But don't worry, in the world of confectionery, dyes can still be used.

When bleeding becomes a problem, lakes come to the rescue as a substitute.


Lake Pigment in cosmetics

 You'll find lakes used to color lots of different things - food, drugs, and cosmetics all get a colorful boost from them. When it comes to food coloring, they even use something called lake pigments when other dyes just don't cut it.

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